"Coaching is a collaborative, solution focused, results-oriented and systematic process, in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, self-directed learning and personal and professional growth of the coachee/client." adapted from Dr Tony Grant, University of Sydney

Throughout the working relationship the coach will engage in direct, personal and often challenging conversations. The client understands that successful coaching requires an active collaborative approach between client and coach. The coach plays the role of a facilitator of change; it is the client’s responsibility to enact change.

Coaching is not therapy and thus does not aim to treat psychological condition. If such issues become salient during the coaching relationship the coach may recommend referral to an appropriate and qualified specialist.

High levels of trust are critical to the successful coaching intervention. Confidentiality is therefore very important. The coach/coachee relationship is the primary one and personal details are always held in strict confidence. The coach will report in broad terms to the coaching supervisor or HR with reference to an initial Coaching Brief and measurements agreed collaboratively with the coachee. No discussion will be had with any third party without first discussing it with the coachee. The content of specific coaching sessions depends on the issues the coachee brings to the session and therefore are customised to the individual. Coaching is an emergent and adaptive dialogue with the coaching client.

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