Mark Vassella, President, Bluescope Steel North America
I began working with Karilyn Fazio at the Impetus Team when I was looking for a fresh approach to engage my team & seek their input & buy-in to the challenges we were facing. Karilyn brings great 'life' experience & her candid & deeply thoughtful views provided great guidance. To have independent counsel with a unique perspective was very helpful.

Gail Grant, Managing Director, Emeritus Research
Coaching is a bit daunting as it does make you look at yourself and reflect on the areas that are not strengths. Karilyn has made this task both valuable and fun. I always come away from the sessions feeling much better about myself and this then reflects in my personal and business life. A great coach and an inspiration – all women should have a Karilyn.

Paul Bunn, CFO, Family Life (Not for Profit)
Karilyn had a great ability to let the process take its own course within a loosely structured set program framework. For me this was a good lesson in itself i.e. to have an idea of wanted outcome but let the process happen. By the end of the course it was obvious that Karilyn has a large repertoire of leadership & communication models and tools, and drew on them as relevant and appropriate – again these did not drive the course rather supported what came up. Overall I was very pleased with the rapport we had as well as Karilyn’s supportive and inquiring style which made me feel I was helping myself, not simply learning from a script.

Sue Whyte, Founder and Director, Intimo Lingerie
In 1995 I started a small family based business. A few years later this had transformed into a complex, rapidly expanding and highly successful organisation and I found myself in a position where I had to make a choice. Either bow out gracefully or step up to the challenge and adopt a new role leading the company into the twenty first century.

I chose the latter, but knew I could not do it alone, so enlisted the services of Karilyn Fazio and the Impetus Team to help me make the leap from an entrepreneur to a leader. The impact that Karilyn has played in my professional career, personal life and company has been significant. With Karilyn's thoughtful guidance, expert coaching and experienced insight I have clarified my purpose, worked through numerous issues and built the skills and confidence I needed to take my business to the next level.

I firmly believe that many senior management positions can prove to be quite isolating, especially when you need to make difficult decisions that affect the future of many stakeholders. Based on my experience, I am convinced that having an unbiased, objective and well educated coach on the sidelines will make a critical difference to how you perform and the company as a whole. I am proud to say that Karilyn Fazio has played this role for me and made the difference in my ability to lead a company that continues to grow and most importantly genuinely lives and practices its vision statement everyday.

Craig Markey, Nestle
Thank you Karilyn, I have really appreciated your effort in working with me. In particular your insight, depth of knowledge and toughness in not allowing me to avoid facing to things that were outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed the total honesty of our conversations which has helped me on a professional and personal level.

Doug Moffatt, National Sales Director, Nestle Professional
Karilyn’s coaching has the right balance of theory and practice to really develop one’s skills. Karilyn is a very passionate about the subject matter and engages you from the outset. I certainly enjoyed the coaching style and process. It was definitely a process that enabled my engagement without restriction.

Judi Matthews, Acting CEO, New Horizons
Facing my fears has been one of the most liberating, albeit the most challenging, outcomes of the coaching process. Whilst I am not fear-free about presenting in public I recognize that it is a self limiting belief that has no place in my professional journey.

Trevor Hills, Director, PwC
Initially reluctant in this program, but now fully realising the benefits of being able to “self assess” and be guided to installing long lasting improvements to one’s overall experience and contribution in life. Further to this, knowing what areas require work and conscious effort empowers you to realise your full potential.

Karilyn did just this, guiding you through a “self realisation” journey and installing effective, workable adjustments which I embraced and seek to practice, forming life long behaviours.

Regarding the future? What better timing to have this experience, preparing me for the challenges that wait in the months to come.

Stephen Loadsman, Director, PwC
The PVV and personal brand activities enabled me to identify and understand what is important to me and what motivates me. This has been very powerful particularly given some of the big decisions I have made recently. Further being able to tackle difficult conversations more effectively enables me to take actions to enable achievement of work life balance.

I am much more self aware, and confident that I have the skills and ability to be a leader in the PwC environment. Further I am now aware of what makes a high performing team and can recognise that I have been part of and can lead the development of High Performance Teams in other environments.

Kerryn O’Brien, Director, PwC
Karilyn is enthusiastic and I always come out of sessions feeling positive. We need to watch the balance from theory to conversation. However, I consciously chose a coach who did not have an “expert” approach. I enjoyed the personal side of the relationship and feel our experiences and personalities are a good match.

I liked being able to address my agenda and enjoyed the non-linear, non-structured conversational coaching process. It’s a learning/training approach that suits me.

Sally Turvey, Senior Manager, PwC
I was overwhelmed by the real care and concern of my coach. She considered me as a whole person, and the sessions were flexible to allow for discussion of issues that were top of mind rather than having a very goal directed approach. Karilyn is inspiring – demonstrating her resilience in facing her own challenges. Karilyn is someone I will think of when considering the ‘joy for life’ I want to have and portray.

Bree Zampogna, Director, PwC
Karilyn was easy to work with and I felt ‘safe’ in sharing personal feelings/stories etc. I felt like Karilyn understood where I was at and what I needed personally to address the development areas identified during the brief. I have found this to be a very positive experience both professionally and personally and I have taken the opportunity to use the sessions to seek specific help for situations and practiced learnings in my day to day interactions. I have had feedback from colleagues and friends that I appear different.

Diana Williams, Founding Director & Chairman, Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs
I found that I needed an Executive Coach during a stage of growth in my business when I was creating some major management changes – attempting to get myself out of the operational detail, handing day-to-day issues to a CEO and creating a new role for myself as Executive Director.

Embarking on the Coaching journey answered a lot of my questions. Above all, it gave me confidence in my own ability. Ultimately, I not only made a smooth transition to my new role, I also took on the challenge of building the Fernwood brand (Diana was Telstra Business Woman of the year in 2006).

It was a rewarding experience which was not only enjoyable but extremely beneficial both personally and professionally.

Tony Sesto, Honda MPE
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Karilyn, she has made a huge difference in helping me dismantle self limiting beliefs, becoming more self aware, be more empathetic towards others and to slow down sometimes during my journey.

Coaching was new to me and went against a lot of things that I believed or that I was using to drive me. The difference came when I could actually use what I was being shown in real life circumstances and actually making a difference. It has helped me from possibly burning out and destroying relations that are important in my career. Karilyn must be applauded for the way she has coached me and what I believe to be a huge difference to the way I am now.

Professor Robert S. Hill, Executive Dean, Faculty of Sciences, University of Adelaide
Before working with Karilyn I had never really considered an option like this, and I had to be convinced that this would be worthwhile. However, early in the program I began to see the value of the self-analysis in particular and I now have a much better understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses and I am learning to be much more effective in my dealings with other people. As a result of this, I now have several of my staff also undergoing programs with Karilyn and she has demonstrated a strong capacity to work with a wide variety of personalities who have been placed in positions where they have enormous potential but little training. This has been a great investment for us.

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