At The Impetus Team, we provide facilitated workshops that are developed in collaboration with our clients.

They are workshops in an interactive “coaching” style with lots of participation and exercises/workshops to create a total learning experience.


Karilyn Fazio is a competent facilitator who uses her experience as a coach to create a very dynamic workshop experience. Karilyn creates strong connections with her audience and is able to quickly gauge their level and adjust her material to suit the moment.

Often training and facilitation programs occur in conjunction with group or 1:1 Coaching so that a number of different learning styles and modalities are covered.

We work by taking a comprehensive brief from our clients and developing a program that is customised to their unique needs. We believe that excellent facilitation does not use a “cookie cutter” approach. We create innovative programs that emerge out of powerful dialogue with our clients.

Topics that have been developed for specific clients include:

  • Creating resilient leaders for tough times.
  • Self Mastery.
  • Manager as Coach.
  • Coaching Tools for the Workplace.
  • Coaching as a Leadership Style.
  • Communication Skills.
  • High Potential Women’s Program.
  • Weaving a Web of Influence – Networking in the 21 Century.
  • Developing your “Personal Brand”.
  • Dismantling Self Limiting Beliefs.


At The Impetus Team, we use our coaching philosophy, that powerful coaching emerges from a robust dialogue between client and coach, to create powerful speaking engagements that resonate with audiences and meet the specific needs of organisations.


Karilyn Fazio is an exceptional speaker who uses her ten years coaching experience to connect with and engage audiences.

She works closely with her clients to create highlights for their conferences – she is funny, real, practical and inspiring – all at once.

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