Executive Development Coaching

Executive Development Coaching is our core business. We currently work one-on-one with CEO’s, General Managers, Partners, Directors, CFO’s and other senior executives from a range of industries including Consulting, Professional Services, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and Franchising.

Our aim is to facilitate improvements in work performance, ability to self regulate and self coach and personal and professional growth.

Our methodology is based on humanistic principles, that is, unconditional positive regard for our clients.

The premier coaching tool we use is a profound capacity to BE with our clients, wherever they are on their leadership journey, without judgement.

We are deeply empathic and have deep levels of self awareness and extensive life experience.

Impetus Team coaches undertake their own supervision, rigorous self reflection and have a regime of personal practices to support their wellbeing.

A typical Executive Development Coaching Program is 6 x 1.5 hour sessions and occurs over 6-9 months.

Leadership Team Coaching

At The Impetus Team, we believe that great organisations do not exist without great leadership, and more often than not, that leadership comes from a team or collective.

Many leadership teams are dysfunctional – they are protective of their function and do not pause to consider the systemic implications of their decisions and actions and their impact on the organisation as a whole.

Effective leadership teams are highly collaborative and based on trust. Each member takes responsibility for the organisation as a whole and its strategic directions. They are transparent, open and honest with each other and are recognised by the quality of the conversations they have. They use deep, empathic listening (as opposed to pushing individual agendas). They are willing to have robust, rigorous but respectful dialogue. They are willing to take responsibility and be proactive and solution focussed rather than blaming, judging and dwelling on problems.

Leadership Coaching occurs as a group and breaks out into 1:1 coaching with individual group members. Leadership Coaching occurs at least monthly for 12 months but can be ongoing with regular reviews.

Group Coaching

Although, at The Impetus Team, our core business is one-on-one coaching, we are seeing a growth in Group Coaching.

Group coaching can be highly effective, especially when combined with facilitated workshops of groups (such as leadership team or high performing women) who have a common purpose or common interests.

Similar coaching principals are used to one-on-one coaching in terms of writing a coaching brief for the group and agreeing goals and measurable results.

Confidentiality is obviously key. The group needs to develop high levels of trust to be effective. Key benefits of this style of coaching are:

  • Creation of a natural buddy/mentoring system.
  • Improved coaching skills for group members, from observing others being coaching. This will then assist to create a culture of coaching in the organisation.
  • High levels of trust and collaboration within the group and cascading beyond it.
  • Reinforcing aspects of the organisational culture.

Group Coaching needs to be at least monthly for 12 months.

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