The Impetus Team is a boutique coaching company with an impeccable reputation and a high calibre client list. We are committed to building resourceful and empowered leaders for now and into the future.

At The Impetus Team we believe that our future is dependent on the quality of leadership that exists now. Corporations and business leaders everywhere have a responsibility to embark on the journey of personal development and growing self awareness if they are to keep up with the velocity of change.

The Impetus Team provides customised training and coaching programs that contribute to the development of transformational leadership.

We partner with our clients to understand their culture and unique business context so that we can tailor personal and organisational programs to suit the culture and specific individuals.

We are interested in developing sustainable client relationships that add value to organisations and a business to business relationship that exceeds expectations.

We believe in practising the principle of generosity. This means we are always looking for ways to add value to clients, whether through creating connections, providing relevant literature on leadership and management theory or practice, or supporting some of our clients’ ancillary development programs.

We believe that dynamic coaching is a collaboration, both in the coaching space between the coach and coachee, and also with the parent organisation. Hence at PwC, for example, one of our key clients, we have spoken to groups in their Equilibrium (Work/Life Balance) and Symmetry (Women’s Network) programs as part of our commitment to generous partnership. We also meet regularly with Human Capital to discuss the themes emerging from the coaching space, and to share information about how those insights can inform and develop the overall people development strategy to create a multi-pronged and therefore, more effective, people and culture change program.

Overall, we are highly respectful of the organisational context and highly interactive with the coaching sponsors – our view is that the more we work together the more powerful the result.




To build resilient, resourceful and empowered leaders for now and the future by providing transformational and dynamic coaching and facilitation.


• Generosity
• Collaboration
• Respect
• Empowerment


We encourage others to have the richness, depth and quality of conversations that create new possiblities and allow new solutions to emerge. We empower others to unleash their power and potential - to find their voice.

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